Tobacco-Free/Nicotine-Free Policy

Tobacco-Free/Nicotine-Free Policy guidelines for use with Parks

Fact and Purpose:

The City of West Liberty finds that:


  1. Tobacco/nicotine use in the proximity of children and adults engaging in or watching outdoor activities is detrimental to their health and can be dangerous to those using such grounds; and


  1. The City has a unique opportunity to create and sustain an environment that supports a non-tobacco and non-nicotine norm through a tobacco-free/nicotine-free policy, rule enforcement, and adult-peer role modeling on City-owned park grounds; and


  1. Parents, leaders, and officials involved in recreation are role models for youth and can have a positive effect on the lifestyle choices they make; and


  1. The tobacco industry advertises at and sponsors events to foster a connection between tobacco use and recreation; and


  1. Tobacco products (extends to all types of tobacco, nicotine and electronic smoking device (ESD) products), once consumed in public spaces, are often discarded on the ground requiring additional maintenance expenses, diminish the beauty of outdoor grounds, and pose a risk to toddlers, pets and wildlife due to ingestion; and


  1. The prohibition of tobacco and nicotine use at all times will serve to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of our City.




Tobacco and nicotine use, including electronic smoking devices (ESD), is prohibited at all times on park grounds. No person shall use any form of tobacco, nicotine or ESD product at or on any City-owned or operated park grounds. This tobacco/nicotine/ESD policy applies to all employees, independent contractors, board members, participants in events, and the general public while on park grounds.



  1. Appropriate signs shall be posted in appropriate areas.


  1. The community, especially users and staff of park grounds, will be notified about this policy.


  1. City officials, city employees, parents, coaches, volunteers and citizens of the community are asked to help enforce compliance with this policy.


  1. Any person found violating this policy will be asked to refrain from tobacco, nicotine or ESD use or risk immediate ejection from the grounds.

  2. If the violator refuses to leave, the staff may contact local authorities.