About Us

About Us

The Recreation and Parks Department is responsible for the management of the city’s parks and recreation areas, open space and recreation facilities. A commission develops policies and guidelines for the operation and expansion of the department. The department will offer a diversity of programs to meet the recreation and leisure service needs of the community. To fulfill its mission, the department is organized around five major areas of responsibility: recreation, parks, education, age-appropriate events, and administration.

  • Provide pleasurable experiences as an alternative to the routines of work and responsibility.
  • Offer a variety of recreation opportunities to meet the diverse needs of our community.
  • Present quality facilities that provide safe, clean and attractive environments critical to the customer’s overall experience.
  • Deliver customized service, developing programs that fit the West Liberty community.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the West Liberty Parks and Recreation Department is to create and maintain an enjoyable, safe, aesthetically pleasing and healthful environment for residents and visitors; to divert negative, expensive behaviors by providing positive, economical and convenient leisure opportunities; to promote the preservation and wise use of natural resources; and to enhance the local economy through parks, recreation programs, festivals, tournaments, tourist attractions, and special events.

Parks and Recreation Board of Directors

The West Liberty Parks and Recreation Board of Directors meets once per month.  The meeting schedule is available on our calendar. The Parks and Recreation Board Members are appointed by the Mayor of West Liberty.

Current Board Members:

  • J.J. Garcia
  • Ashley Kaalberg
  • Megan Jensen Zalzala
  • Rocky Sidaxoth
  • Joey Iske, Councilwoman Representative